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Math education needs a revolution.  We’re bringing it.  By modernizing delivery methods and empowering teachers with practices that really help students learn, we are changing math education for the benefit of all high school students.

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What We're About

To educate the youth is to provide all with the promise of a better future.  Mathematics has become an increasingly difficult obstacle in the way of education for students.  

To improve academic outcomes in mathematics, and empower young people with a better education, we are tackling two issues.  Math teachers need access to improve resources and need to be empowered with effective best practices for teaching mathematics to high school students!

In this pursuit, two questions must be tackled.  The first question is: Does a set of teaching fundamentals (pedagogical orientation) exist in all high quality teachers?  Certainly the specific practices are personal to the teacher.  But, do they share a common understanding or bias that promotes positive outcomes for students?    

The second question is:  How can material be presented in a way that optimizes conceptual understanding and develops mathematical literacy in students?  

We have a working hypothesis for each of these questions.  As we research, test, reflect, and repeat this process, we will work towards a plan that will help any willing teacher to greatly improve the academic outcomes of their students.  

Join the Team

We are building a team of math teachers devoted to improving their craft in order to bring about positive changes in student academic outcomes.   We are building a library of curriculum resources that focus on the development of conceptual understanding and mathematical literacy, as well as high quality assessment tools that inform both teachers and students.   By pairing those resources with the pursuit of improved pedagogical approaches and best practices, we believe we can bring about significant change for individual students and for our communities at large. 

If you’re ready to learn more about joining the team, please click here, or use the Members Tab above.  Read about our original story to understand how we started, where we are, and where we are headed.

Our Origin Story

Our goal isn’t about us … but this might help you understand where we’d like to go, and where we are now.  

First, we are math teachers working in the classroom.  We find the utter lack of curriculum resources that focus on conceptual understanding, mathematical literacy, and the development of problem solving skills, combined with the low-quality assessment tools we (math teachers) are often required to use, incredibly frustrating.   The nature of many of the touted best practices and professional development worsen the experience.  

It is no wonder that so many  college bound students require remedial math courses.  Students deserve better.  In fact, we, as a society, deserve better.  

We believe that teachers are not the problem.  They’re doing the best with what they are equipped.  But, aside from massive shifts in public policy, teachers are the key to improving the current situation.  

To help bring about change, we have been collecting quality curriculum resources, assessment tools, and professional development resources to improve lesson content and delivery.  We have also taken classes to help us better understand how to train teachers.  We’ve done these things because we believe that with access to quality resources and a little shift in approach, teachers can change this trend.

We did not want to launch Math Connected until we had three completed courses covered with curriculum and assessment tools, as well as a handful of professional development offerings.  But, COVID – 19 struck.  The need is greater than ever.  We feel that partial offerings are better than none at all.  We eventually will have resources available for all levels of high school mathematics.  

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