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Key to Student Success

The Key to Student Success Applying the Perato 80/20 rules to instruction and student performance By Philip Brown Warning:  If you’re easily offended and unwilling

Student Needs

The needs of a student education should serve promote individual, deeply personal, development of the mind.

Learning Today

When does learning occur? Is simply reciting enough? How did enough people come to believe the earth is flat today?

Who’s Being Served

Who’s Being Served Teaching with Compassion SeriesPart 1 If you are anything like a lot of hardened teachers then the title, “Teaching with Compassion,” might

Lessons Learned During School Shut Down

What I am going to share with you here are the things that I learned that worked, and why. If we can gain a deeper insight into our practices in a traditional setting, stream-line them, we can become more effective teachers. And, should we face a blended population (some on-line, some in person), or a rotating group (1/3 of students a day), or a full school closure, we’ll be better prepared.