Math Connected Projects

Learn about our projects and how we are reaching out to improve the outcomes in mathematics classes around the nation. If you're interested in helping out by becoming a contributing teacher, a cooperative teacher, or by providing us with the needed finances to continue, please select the project you're interested in below.

Our Products and Services Start as Projects

We offer services, support, and curriculum resources to teachers in order to improve the quality of high school mathematics education.  We do this because a quality public education is necessary for the long term health of a civil society.  

Read about the projects we are currently developing, as well as those that are completed below.   If you’d like to participate in the development of a specific project, or are able to financially contribute to a specific project, you can find information on how to do so on that project’s page.

Closing the Gap in Distance Learning

Challenging times provide opportunity.  We can access potential improvement during difficult times though avenues hidden when everything goes smoothly.  Distance learning and school closures offer teachers a chance to examine what really works in education.  

This project, Closing the Gap in Distance Learning, compiles the positive and negative experiences of teachers during school closures beginning in March of 2020, and in many cases continuing at least until January of 2021.  

We are creating a self-paced online course developed from the real-world solutions discovered by teachers.  The ideas and practices will be presented as they best translate to guide improved instruction once we all return back to the classroom.