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Lessons, activities, assignments and assessments can be found under curriculum.  Courses and support ranging from how to better integrate technology to math specific instructional practices, click professional development.  If you’re looking for small group, focused support, click on mentoring.

Improving Student Outcomes

Curriculum & Lessons

We are here to serve your needs.  By supporting teachers with quality materials and empowering them with appropriate professional development, we hope to bring about a change in mathematics education.  We would love to hear from you.  Let us know how we can best serve our purpose and achieve our goals.  

Below you can search through the courses covered and find everything from lessons to homework to assessments, and all things in between.  Each lesson packet contains the related lesson, assignment and applicable internet based resources for students.  Quizzes and assessments are listed separately, but they are all free to teachers.  If you’re in a position where you can donate, we’d greatly appreciate your contributions to our cause. 

It is our goal to provide you with curriculum designed to develop conceptual understanding, and the resources aligned to meet that goal.

Promoting Literacy with a Flipped Classroom


Each of our lessons comes with student reference notes.  These are great to help you, the teacher, refresh your memory should you be teaching a new topic.  But, even better, the notes are written to be read.  They approach each topic in a way to promote conceptual understanding in the reader.  As a result, when students read the notes they get great exposure to approachable, but technical writing, which will help their literacy in English and in Mathematics.

Flipped Classroom

Each lesson bundle comes with notes, assignments, lessons, video links, and on-line resources, all of which are aligned to help students develop a deep understanding and a procedural proficiency.  Because of this variety of aligned resources, the lessons work great for a traditional classroom, a virtual classroom, or a flipped classroom.  By using Google Classroom you can assign the notes for reading, and give students access to the online resources.  When they arrive at class, you can discuss what was learned and then assign the paper-based homework.

How Curriculum Resources are Organized

Each course is broken into units.  Each unit is broken down by topic (lesson).  You can download individual topic packets and see what resources are structured on the individual unit spread sheet.  An example is shown here.

If you download a lesson you’ll receive a zipped folder.  When you unzip the file you’ll find a “READ ME,” page.   Click this link to see how these pages look.   This page structures all of the resources associated with that lesson.   

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Self Paced Course

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We have a great team that is eager to do great things…but we need help!  We are looking for like-minded individuals to roll up their sleeves and help this project come to fruition.  If you’re an experienced, highly effective teacher, and you’d like to share with others, as someone shared with you to help you arrive at your current place in teaching, let us know. 

We are looking for authors, mentors, and other types of contributors.  Please send us an email by clicking here

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