Key to Student Success

The Key to Student Success Applying the Perato 80/20 rules to instruction and student performance By Philip Brown Warning:  If you’re easily offended and unwilling to be challenged, this might not be a good article for you to read.  This article should make you a little uncomfortable because it will call into question the role […]

Learning Today

When does learning occur? Is simply reciting enough? How did enough people come to believe the earth is flat today?

Lessons Learned During School Shut Down

What I am going to share with you here are the things that I learned that worked, and why. If we can gain a deeper insight into our practices in a traditional setting, stream-line them, we can become more effective teachers. And, should we face a blended population (some on-line, some in person), or a rotating group (1/3 of students a day), or a full school closure, we’ll be better prepared.